Kachoolie Dispatch

Take control of your fuel deliveries and streamline operations with Kachoolie Dispatch. Our cloud-based dispatch software empowers you to create and assign loads efficiently, make informed decisions based on real-time data, and enabling immediate billing and payments – all through a user-friendly interface.

Real-time decisions, optimized deliveries

Maximize profile with real-time data on inventory, ullage forecasting, and supplier pricing. Make informed decisions about every load, finding the optimal fuel source and efficient use of your truck resources. With accurate forecasting, you'll avoid costly disruptions like runouts and overfills, leading to happier, loyal customers and a more reliable fuel operation. 

Streamline operations and save time

No more endless phone calls and email chains. Kachoolie Dispatch automates the entire dispatch process with dedicated customer and hauler portals. Orders are placed, updated, and completed electronically, minimizing errors and streamlining communication across the board. Instant billing and payment further accelerate your cash flow and improve financial efficiency

Optimal fuel source and reduce costs

Stop searching for the best fuel prices – Kachoolie Dispatch does it for you. This powerful feature quickly identifies the most cost-effective terminal and supplier for each load. Leverage supplier contract management to ensure you're always getting the best pricing. Make informed decisions about fuel sources, leading to maximized cost savings and a healthier bottom line.

Dedicated customer portal

Empower your customers with a dedicated self-service portal. They can place fuel orders, track deliveries, and view real-time RBOB pricing – all within a user-friendly interface. This transparency fosters trust and allows customers to make informed decisions. The portal also improves communication, leading to stronger relationships and increased sales opportunities.

Dynamic pricing and credit management

Kachoolie Dispatch goes beyond dispatch. With targeted email campaigns, you can send special pricing information directly to independent dealers, driving sales and maximizing opportunities. Additionally, the system offers features for managing customer credit, helping you mitigate risk and ensure smooth financial operations.

Kachoolie Dispatch

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Streamline deliveries, optimize resources, and boost profits with Kachoolie Dispatch, the all-in-one dispatch software built for fuel marketers.

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