Kachoolie Cloud

Kachoolie Cloud

Latest Kachoolie Cloud News 21st April 2018

New Kachoolie website at www.kachoolie.com

The new website is up. Kachoolie now is on twitter. Follow #kachoolie to get latest news.

Tank Page

A Smart Phone and Tablet friendly page showing all tanks at a site. Accessed by clicking on the site name on the forecasting or simple forecasting page.

Tank Page Message to Store

Fuel Suppliers can present a message at the top of the Tanks page. Ideal for communicating with station managers. Simply enter the message in the Message To Store field onthe store page.

Alarm Report

The Alarm page which is accessed from the Forecasting page has been updated. Start and End dates are supported and best of all there is a link that creates a printable formatted report. In a few seconds you can have a custom report showing the alarms, or lack thereof for the alarm and sensor categories you have selected. We now have 2 you tube videos which show how to configure alarm reports and to have alarms emailed to users.

The first video Configuring Alarms
shows configuring which alarms are to be reported and how to generate the report for the alarms selected.

The second video Configuring Emailed Alarms
shows how to setup the email part and also shows an example email

Kachoolie Cloud now has 2 new forecasting alerts.

You can setup Minimum and Low Inventories and how long (in minutes) you get the alert before the inventory is forecast to get to the Minimum and Low settings.

Kachoolie installation is now fully "Plug and Play".

Auto tank configuration runs every time Kachoolie starts. If a technician changes the port configuration, Kachoolie will reconfigure the port settings for its slot automatically after Kachoolie is restarted.

Auto tank configuration is useful for installations and to keep Kachoolie operating after tank gauge maintenance, moving Kachoolie to a different slot, cold start or gauge module replacement.

Kachoolie Login

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