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About Kachoolie

Kachoolie uses state of the art technology to make even a nineteen nineties tank gauge a secure, "Plug and Play" IoT (Internet of Things) device. It’s multi layered security prevents Cyber Attacks and unauthorized access.
Kachoolie was specifically designed to work reliably at locations having simple low cost Internet connections, without fixed Internet addresses or firewalls. (The type of locations that NACS believes makes up 60% of the 120,000 C-Stores in the USA.)
Kachoolie's unique "Plug and Play" installation makes it ideal and cost effective for these locations.

Kachoolie’s patented technology was developed by Jack  and Cheni Chadowitz. The Kachoolie team includes Rani - General Manager, Revi - Marketing & Sales, Alon - Economics, Georghe - Hardware, Moshe - firmware, Yaacov - Cyber Security, Larry - Marketing, Clay - Tech Support, Kim - Graphic Design.

Kachoolie is a subsidiary of BostonBase Inc. founded in 2002, a technology company that develops solutions and products for the C-Store and Fuel Industries.