Streamline Your
Fuel Management.

Whether you manage one station or thousands, Kachoolie's scalable and modular products allow you to only implement the solutions required to meet your business needs. As a fuel marketer, station owner, or both, you can leverage Kachoolie's real-time tank connectivity, environmental compliance, optimized dispatching and advanced security - without complexity. 

The highest level of reliability and support. 

Our solutions are fully managed services that come with unparalleled support. Advanced diagnostics help pin-point and resolve problems quickly, whether it's Kachoolie or the ATG.

Maximize your savings.

Whether you use our hardware or hardware you already have, Kachoolie's patented service has no hidden or extra costs ensuring you get the lowest price with the highest quality service.

Up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Our plug-and-play Kachoolie solutions connect and configure automatically to your ATG in minutes with no downtime, technical support or systems upgrades. Whether it's with our hardware, or existing TCP/IP connections, you'll receive real-time data immediately.

Diagnostics and reconfiguration done remotely.

Lost your ATG configuration? Our remote system is able to have your ATG reconfigured and back up and running in minutes. Utilize Kachoolie's diagnostics to remotely troubleshoot problems, keeping you compliant and up and running.

Find the right solution.

With a variety of options to choose from, Kachoolie makes it easy to find the right service for your unique needs.
Kachoolie for TCP

For fuel suppliers and station owners with existing TCP/IP tank gauges, this software-only solution provides you with our secure, lightning-fast Kachoolie cloud platform to deliver real-time fuel station monitoring. 

Kachoolie Core

Kachoolie Core is our one-stop hardware and software solution, providing fuel station monitoring for fuel suppliers and multi-store owners. 

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Kachoolie Dispatch

Take control of fuel deliveries. streamline operations with real-time data, automate workflows, and always choose the best price with smart pricing tools - all in a user-friendly system.

Kachoolie Compliant

Our complete compliance management solution takes the hassle out of regulatory compliance and keeps you up and running.

Dispatching headaches costing you time and money? Introducing Kachoolie Dispatch.

Maximize profits, increase sales, reduce costs & retain customers. Learn more now!